Views on Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Thank you to everybody who supported me in my bid first to be selected as the Conservative candidate and then to fight the election.  We won on first past the post, but lost on 2nd preferences.  The numbers were as follows:

1st Preferences: Conservative: 30834; Independent: 27842; LibDem: 7392; Labour: 21456; UKIP: 9633

2nd Preferences from LibDem, Labour and UKIP voters: Conservative: 5771; Independent: 12146; Others: 14203

which all ended up with me having 36605 and Stephan Bett the winning 39988

I remain convinced that a PCC should serve us better than a Police Authority did and I encourage everybody to insist upon and participate in the public consultation that should underpin our new PCC's decisions.  My assessment of success will be falling crime figures, not numbers of police officers.

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This map shows the extent of the geographical area that I would be representing as Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk.

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